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Job Title Industry Experience. Min. Qualification Salary Date Closing
HR Executive Cum Guest Affair Healthcare 3-4 Years Diploma RM2,000 - RM2,500 21/May/18 21/Jun/18
Pembantu rumah Healthcare 1-2 Years SPM RM920 - RM1,000 02/May/18 30/May/18
Nurse Healthcare 1-2 Years Diploma RM1,200 - RM1,300 26/Apr/18 25/May/18
Kitchen Helper Healthcare 1-2 Years SPM RM1,100 - RM1,200 26/Apr/18 25/May/18
Staff Nurses and Carers ( Nursing assistants ) Healthcare No Experience Required Certificate RM1,300 - RM1,600 18/Apr/18 30/Jun/18
Paid volunteer for medical research Healthcare No Experience Required Secondary School RM920 - RM920 08/Mar/18 31/Oct/18
SALES EXECUTIVE Healthcare 1-2 Years Diploma RM920 - RM2,000 08/Mar/18 31/May/18
Admin Assistant Healthcare 1-2 Years SPM RM920 - RM1,400 08/Mar/18 31/May/18
Dental Nurse Assistant and Receptionist Healthcare No Experience Required SPM RM920 - RM1,200 26/Jan/18 30/Jun/18
Total: 9