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Job Title Industry Experience. Min. Qualification Salary Date Closing
Nurture Premier Agent Services Relevent Experience Required Diploma RM3,500 - RM4,500 21/Sep/18 02/Oct/18
PERSONAL ASSISTANT Services 1-2 Years SPM RM1,500 - RM2,500 13/Sep/18 30/Sep/18
DRIVER Services 1-2 Years SPM RM920 - RM1,000 13/Sep/18 31/Oct/18
SECURITY Services 1-2 Years SPM RM920 - RM1,050 13/Sep/18 31/Oct/18
Accountant Services 8 years Degree RM4,500 - RM9,000 13/Sep/18 01/Oct/18
Security Guard / Pengawal Keselamatan Services 2-3 Years SPM RM920 - RM1,000 13/Sep/18 30/Nov/18
Human Resource & Admin Executive/Manager Services 5 Years & above Degree RM2,800 - RM4,500 13/Sep/18 30/Sep/18
Internal Audit Assistant Services 1-2 Years Diploma RM1,500 - RM2,500 13/Sep/18 30/Sep/18
PERUNDING PRUBSNTAKAFUL SANDAKAN Services 2-3 Years Diploma RM3,000 - RM6,000 12/Sep/18 30/Sep/18
Digital Marketing Assistant Services 1-2 Years Diploma RM1,000 - RM2,500 12/Sep/18 31/Dec/18
Branding Executive Services 1-2 Years Diploma RM1,800 - RM2,000 11/Sep/18 15/Oct/18
Quality Control Assistant (Warehouse) Services Less Than 1 Year SPM RM1,300 - RM1,500 11/Sep/18 15/Oct/18
CUSTOMER SERVICE Services Less Than 1 Year SPM RM1,200 - RM1,600 11/Sep/18 15/Oct/18
ADMIN COORDINATOR Services 1-2 Years SPM RM1,000 - RM1,500 06/Sep/18 30/Sep/18
Penyelia Restoran Services 2-3 Years Certificate RM1,200 - RM1,500 06/Sep/18 31/Oct/18
AKAUNTAN Services 2-3 Years Degree RM3,000 - RM4,000 06/Sep/18 31/Oct/18
Cashier food court Services No Experience Required SPM RM920 - RM920 06/Sep/18 30/Sep/18
Logistic and Inventory clerk Services Less Than 1 Year SPM RM950 - RM1,100 05/Sep/18 06/Oct/18
Telecommunications Technician Services 2-3 Years SPM RM1,500 - RM2,000 04/Sep/18 30/Sep/18
Quantity Surveyor Services 2-3 Years Diploma RM1,000 - RM2,500 04/Sep/18 30/Sep/18
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