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Job Title Industry Experience. Min. Qualification Salary Date Closing
Accounting Assistant Others 2-3 Years Diploma RM1,500 - RM3,000 21/Sep/17 28/Sep/17
Pembantu Juruwang Others 1-2 Years SPM RM920 - RM920 21/Sep/17 30/Sep/17
Driver Others 3-4 Years Secondary School RM1,000 - RM1,200 21/Sep/17 15/Oct/17
Engineering Assistant Others 1-2 Years Diploma RM2,000 - RM2,400 20/Sep/17 30/Sep/17
Accounts Executive Others 3-4 Years Diploma RM2,800 - RM3,000 20/Sep/17 30/Sep/17
Project Engineer Others 4-5 Years Degree RM3,500 - RM5,000 19/Sep/17 30/Sep/17
Sales and Marketing Manager Others 5 Years & above Degree RM4,000 - RM6,000 19/Sep/17 30/Sep/17
SALES PERSON Others 1-2 Years SPM RM1,000 - RM1,500 19/Sep/17 30/Sep/17
Sales Advisor Others Less Than 1 Year SPM RM1,000 - RM1,200 19/Sep/17 31/Oct/17
Accounting executive Others 4-5 Years Diploma RM1,500 - RM2,000 19/Sep/17 30/Sep/17
Personal Assistant Others 2-3 Years Certificate RM1,600 - RM1,800 19/Sep/17 18/Oct/17
Reception cum General clerk Others 2-3 Years SPM RM920 - RM3,500 18/Sep/17 22/Sep/17
Company Legal Secretary Others 8 years Others RM3,000 - RM4,000 18/Sep/17 30/Nov/17
Sales & Marketing Admin Others 1-2 Years SPM RM1,000 - RM3,000 15/Sep/17 24/Sep/17
Kerani akaun Others 1-2 Years SPM RM920 - RM1,000 15/Sep/17 29/Sep/17
Pembantu Akaun Others 1-2 Years Diploma RM1,200 - RM1,500 15/Sep/17 30/Sep/17
Warehouse & Logistic Executive Others 2-3 Years Diploma RM2,000 - RM3,000 14/Sep/17 30/Sep/17
COURSE COUNSELOR Others 1-2 Years Diploma RM1,200 - RM1,500 13/Sep/17 16/Oct/17
ADMIN SECRETARY Others 4-5 Years SPM RM1,300 - RM1,500 13/Sep/17 30/Sep/17
Sales Assistant Others Less Than 1 Year Secondary School RM920 - RM1,000 13/Sep/17 30/Sep/17
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