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Total registered job seekers: 83572

No of job seekers registered in Aug,2018: 555

Total job posts by employers in Aug,2018: 175

Job Title Industry Exp. Min. Qualification Salary Date Closing
Operator Kren (Mobile) Services 4-5 Years SPM RM1,800 - RM3,600 14/Aug/18 30/Aug/18
Interior Designer (Part Time) Others 2-3 Years Diploma RM1,000 - RM1,500 13/Aug/18 31/Aug/18
Clerical Accounts Cum Procurement Petrochemical, Oil & Gas 1-2 Years Diploma RM1,000 - RM1,300 13/Aug/18 17/Aug/18
Office Boy cum Driver Services 1-2 Years SPM RM1,000 - RM1,100 13/Aug/18 31/Aug/18
QA/QC ASSISTANT Manufacturing 1-2 Years Certificate RM920 - RM1,000 13/Aug/18 31/Aug/18
FORKLIFT DRIVER Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Less Than 1 Year SPM RM1,000 - RM1,200 13/Aug/18 16/Aug/18
Nurture Premier Agent Services Relevent Experience Required Diploma RM3,500 - RM4,500 13/Aug/18 28/Aug/18
ECONOMICS LECTURER Others 1-2 Years Degree RM2,000 - RM5,000 13/Aug/18 30/Sep/18
Pekerja Am Manufacturing No Experience Required Secondary School RM920 - RM920 12/Aug/18 30/Sep/18
PERUNDING KEWANGAN Services No Experience Required Diploma RM1,500 - RM4,000 12/Aug/18 17/Aug/18
Clinic nurse Healthcare 1-2 Years Diploma RM1,000 - RM2,000 11/Aug/18 31/Aug/18
Account Assistant (Data Entry) Services 1-2 Years SPM RM920 - RM1,000 11/Aug/18 31/Oct/18
Quality Assurance Executive/Engineer/Chemist Agriculture 2-3 Years Degree RM2,000 - RM2,500 11/Aug/18 26/Aug/18
Assistant Teacher Others Less Than 1 Year SPM RM920 - RM1,000 11/Aug/18 30/Aug/18
Female Sales Executive (Centre Point) Services Less Than 1 Year SPM RM1,500 - RM2,500 10/Aug/18 31/Aug/18
LOGISTIC CLERK Others 2-3 Years SPM RM920 - RM1,500 10/Aug/18 10/Sep/18
Cadet Engineer Agriculture 2-3 Years Degree RM2,200 - RM2,500 10/Aug/18 25/Aug/18
TELEMARKETING CUM SALES ROVING TEAM Services Less Than 1 Year SPM RM920 - RM1,400 10/Aug/18 31/Aug/18
ASSISTANT SALES MANAGER Services 2-3 Years Diploma RM2,200 - RM3,000 10/Aug/18 31/Aug/18
DISPATCH BOY Services Less Than 1 Year SPM RM920 - RM920 10/Aug/18 31/Aug/18
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